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'Kylie has a favorite name for her baby girl, but isn't sharing,' a source said.

Kylie has been 'busy getting the pink nursery ready' and has been devoting her attention to buying baby supplies online.

Also I like to do character voices and celebrity impressions but I promise, it's not as annoying as it sounds.

Listen as me and my producer Lauren Schnipper talk about stuff we think is funny and interview people we hope are funny.

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Kylie Jenner is believed to be over six months pregnant with her first child.

Demir, who has promised to build a tree house for his daughter, can now keep his promise and starts working on the tree house.

It's not often that the series airs two nights in a row.

The narrator emphasizes the episode will bring 'announcements' and 'big news.' Meanwhile, People has claimed the star is expecting a daughter and she is already thinking baby names.

Most of this work has focused on the relationship between internet use and the risk of viral transmission.

Drawing on an analysis of HIV dating websites and interviews with women living with HIV, this article moves beyond this and connects the use of dating websites with the changing dynamics of what constitutes a ‘normal’ life with HIV in the ‘post-AIDS’ era.

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Throughout the discussion attention is drawn to how sexual relations, clinical encounters and HIV-related criminal prosecutions intersect in this field, such that the most private aspects of ‘living with’ the virus can at the same time be the most public.