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Demings said it appears that Neumann reloaded his semi-automatic pistol at least once during the shooting.

After shooting five of his co-workers, the shooter turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.

Police records also reveal nine assault and six robbery cases all involving Crazy Horse Too employees, along with 737 police responses in just 3 years -- many based on customers being beaten after refusing to sign falsified credit card bills -- but there have been no criminal prosecutions.

I first broke this story in 1999, concerned that organized crime had infiltrated the Clark County DA's Office, state judiciary, and the LV Metro Police Department.

Seven other people were at Fiamma at the time and survived. They were taken to another location to be interviewed by police.

One of the witnesses, a woman who worked as a temp, said that when Neumann arrived at the office, he pointed a gun at her and told her to get out - suggesting that he was only targeting people he had worked with during his time at Fiamma.

A 45-year-old Army veteran has been identified as the disgruntled ex-employee who barged into his old office and shot five of his former co-workers dead before killing himself.

ere are links to a chronological list of links to articles including many that comment on the relationship between Las Vegas politicians, law enforcement officials, underworld figures, and Frederick "Rick" Rizzolo, the purported owner of the Crazy Horse Too topless bar.

Undaunted, I kept reporting, and the suit was dismissed.

Meanwhile, as the extortion and violence continued, our former mob lawyer-turned-mayor, Oscar Goodman, coddled Mr.

My stories made national news and helped inspire investigations by the FBI and IRS.

In 2000, Rizzolo sued me for libel and came close to getting a compromised state court judge to issue a gag order stopping my reports, but she backed down at the last minute when the ACLU and Las Vegas Review Journal intervened.

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Police say he lived alone and did not have family in the area Dennings quickly ruled out any link to terror in the wakes of recent attacks.

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