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By now, you have to have learned how to animate a girl having an orgasm. Honestly, this game feels like a step sideways more than a step forward. It just means that the problems with the first one have been ironed out, but they`ve been replaced by newer ones.

I enjoyed this game, the animations weren`t the best, but they made the game a LOT easier than the original.

[Unlocks: "AVID COLLECTOR"] * Using the HAND, rub her vagina and clitoris. [Unlocks: "ANAL WHORE" as well as "TOUCHY FEELY"] * Using the SCISSORS, cut her bra strap. * Using the HAND, use the purchased sleeping dust and simply rub her clitoris until she climaxes! difficulty is a bit lower than on the orgasm girl 1 but still challanging especially for those who played the click through "games" till now. I liked the game waited a long time for its release. I know they spent alot of time making this and it shows .

I`d understand if we could replay them after we`ve completed all three, but they didn`t even do that.

Other than that obvious complaint, I`d like to point out that it`s been a really long time between the original and this sequel.

[Unlocks: "BIRTHDAY SUIT"] * Using the HAND, rub her vagina and clitoris.

* Using the HAND, rub her clitoris until the state meter is ALMOST full, i.e. The unlockable notification will indicate that you were successful.

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more games like this are highly appreciated @sigurdnorbert: on the official page you`ll find more info`s I agree with most of the comments: this is a pleasant enough game with easy playability.