Dapper on the pull online dating

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Dapper on the pull online dating

This app uses the “been there, done that” philosophy, or is it been there, done ? Then you presumably break up, or will after he reads what you posted about him in public, and the next time a lucky girl meets that same guy in a bar or supermarket, she can look him up and get your take on what kind of guy he is, or isn’t as the case may be. Just when you thought flying couldn’t get any more uncomfortable, imagine sitting on a plane where users of this app find each other, go for a little rendezvous inside a coffin-sized bathroom, then wiggle past you and back into their seats with no one being any the wiser. The app did a beta test recently that made a big splash with lots of press and buzz. Well, they’re citizens of a CGI based dating app that’s part video game part flirtual reality.

Either way, the idea is to rate guys you’ve dated, from personality traits to kissing, to… Nope, sorry guys, you can’t rate the ladies, but you can pay a monthly fee to add detailed stats to your existing profile. The official app release is due shortly, and if you run really fast, you can pre-board and be among the first to download it. You create an avatar of your virtual self, then wander the streets in search of a hot pixel girl to practice your pick-up lines on.

Behind them lads bounce, jaws clenched, as if waiting for their favourite football team to roar out of the tunnel.

The app describes itself as being akin to a business relationship, with both parties clearly defining what they need and expect.

And in case you thought things were getting misogynistic, they also cater to Sugar Mummas. The farmer wants a wife, she just must also be a farmer.

The service claims to have over 4.5 million users across its app and website, and that’s enough sugar to cause cavities, baby. This app’s mantra is “City folks just don’t get it!

” and I’m guessing there are a lot of city folk who are happy to remain in ignorant bliss.

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