Dating site headlines pua forum

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Dating site headlines pua forum

The viral Facebook message that started #Me Too – at least the one I saw – urged women to come forward with their stories of sexual harassment, and men to come forward with stories of times they perpetrated sexual harassment.The slogan “BELIEVE WOMEN” got enshrined into a mantra, pretty ominous if you’re a guy wondering whether people will believe your harasser’s story over yours.I went up to get a drink in a crowded bar and a rather large woman ruffled my hair and said ‘I like this one’. Then for what it’s worth I’ve been sexually harassed by two women, and I see no reason to think my experience is anything other than typical.

The Guardian writes about Men Who Are Silent After #Me Too, and the Washington Post about how Some Men Disagree About What Counts As Sexual Harassment.

Having silenced or ignored all men who might be sexually harassed, the media proceeded to treat sexual harassment in the most gendered way humanly possible, constantly reinforcing that only men can do it and only women can suffer it.

The Guardian, being commendably honest about its priorities: We Must Challenge All Men About Sexual Harassment.

I had a chief harass me daily which resulted in administrative actions when I tried resisting her abuse.

My introduction to her was when she was telling the 20 or so people “Under her” that her dildos name is George…it went downhill from there and eventually she was groping me on the daily.

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Do any women disagree about what counts as sexual harassment?