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Many wise and devoted people have spent a lifetime of study and prayer and have come to different conclusions about salvation! Many of these doctrines emphasize one aspect of Bible teaching over another and apply different interpretations to Bible passages. In addition to Bible teachings, these doctrines are based on church traditions and the ideas of popes, bishops, and theologians such as John Calvin, Martin Luther, Jacobus Arminius and John Wesley. Will Babies and Children Who Die Young Go to Heaven? Virtually every Christian denomination has a unique doctrine about salvation and the related idea of justification, making a sinner acceptable to God (see Glossary below).The Sumerians believed that the gods came from the mountains they could see in the distance, and that was a problem because their land was flat.It is believed that the ziggurats of Uruk were created to imitate mountains so that their gods could dwell in them, and be closer to their city.Uruk was left abandoned until William Loftus, working for the British Museum, began excavating and unveiling the ancient city.

We are frequently asked these questions, and this article attempts to summarize what the Bible says about salvation or being saved or attaining eternal life in heaven. Although we do not fully understand the how or why of Jesus' sacrificial death, it offers us a chance for salvation, and that is the central belief and hope of Christianity.Because ziggurats were part of the temple complexes, it is believed that they were connected with religious rites; religion was a very important part of the ancient Mesopotamian culture.In the center of the Sumerian cities, temples of their favorite gods were built.It was founded by a king named Enmerkar around 4500 BC, and it was the home of the epic hero king Gilgamesh.By 3200 BC, Uruk was one the largest cities in the world during its time, with an estimated population of over 40,000 people.

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Visually, it resembles a step pyramid, with a flat top.