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It's also quite a bit more entertaining and likable than its predecessor, which featured characters that most people would refer to as vile scumbags.

As Luis Lopez, part-time hoodlum and full-time assistant to legendary nightclub impresario Tony Prince (aka "Gay Tony"), players will struggle with the competing loyalties of family and friends, and with the uncertainty about who is real and who is fake in a world in which everyone has a price.Gamers that are choking on their own tongues with anticipation can now finally part with 1,600 Microsoft Points and grab the 2GB file.Read More » Rockstar continues to churn out new media updates for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto IV downloadable content pack, The Ballad of Gay Tony.The first date is very important as it will determine whether or not the girlfriend will give Niko her phone number so he can continue dating her.If an Internet girlfriend's fondness is raised to a high enough level, her "special ability" is unlocked.

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Like the other relationships that Niko has with his friends in GTA IV, favor can be gained with girlfriends by taking them to different venues around the city.