Hannah hooper christian zucconi dating

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Hannah hooper christian zucconi dating

"We'd moved to LA in 2010, but never really actually lived there," says guitarist/vocalist Christian Zucconi."It was just somewhere we'd stay for a few months a year." Only when they attempted to 'settle' did the members of Grouplove discover it was easier said than done."That was a really crazy, beautiful thing to go through, and it changed all our lives," says Zucconi."Hannah and I were about to become parents, and so we were heading into this great unknown, this place where we weren't going to be comfortable.

And that was, really, what was most accessible," he says.His earliest memory is of listening to Simon & Garfunkel with his parents as a two-year-old.He started writing songs on the piano at eight, and after hearing Nirvana, picked up a guitar; songs, unlike other things in life, always coming to him "effortlessly".Zucconi was in countless NY outfits over the years, including Michael Pitt's band Pagoda.He spent his 20s in Aloke: "This, like, Fugazi meets Radiohead, post-hardcore, beautiful, sad, grungy thing." But after recording what was to be their debut LP with Steve Albini in 2008, they stalled out.

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Zucconi, beaming fatherly pride ("Willa's pulling herself up and standing now, which she's so happy about; she's gonna be walking soon") can hardly believe how things have gone.