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Chamberlain asserted that races differed not only physically, but also morally, spiritually, and intellectually; that the Germans, the only pure descendants of ancient Aryans, were physically superior & bearers of a higher culture; that the Jews were undermining German society; to save Western civilization from lower races -Jews, Negroes, Orientals. could renew the spiritual basis of society, reaffirming the principles of monarchy, social hierarchy, loyalty, discipline, and race...."Christianity was an indispensable cohesive force in a class-torn nation; religious rebirth alone . [R]eligion, not politics, was the basis of a new Germany" "..perception that Jews maintained their cohesiveness and sense of identity under all conceivable circumstances was a source of both fear and envy.

(1858-1919), as an American president, Roosevelt tolerated blacks' subordination to whites and thought of them as an inferior race is beyond dispute. Kellogg himself was an important and respected figure who authored numerous medical and eugenics treatises in order to lobby for policy of "national eugenics." Kellogg, who launched the breakfast cereals industry by introducing granola to the American public as a health food. "many of the defectives are utterly helpless, repulsive in appearance and revolting in their manners.

(1861-1947) theory of a European heartland central to world domination; he suggests that there was a pivotal area "in the closed heart-land of Euro-Asia" which was most likely to become the seat of world power, because of its inaccessibility.

After the WWI, Mackinder came to the conclusion that the struggle for the command of the Heartland would most likely be between Germany and Russia.

The superficial elite believed that social problems could be solved by eliminating certain segments of the population.

This certain segment happens to be what they deemed "unfit" whose lives weren't worthy of existence.

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  1. Currently, the Home Office requires non-EU/EEA footballers to receive a governing body endorsement (“GBE”) from The FA before applying for a visa, or “work permit”.