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To get into Ford Field, fans could flash — or swipe — their mobile apps, credit cards or driver's licenses over a scanner.The biometric readers at Comerica take the technology to another level.“As we continue to identify opportunities to enhance the game-day experience, Clear provides us with an enhancement whereas patrons can enter Comerica Park in a quicker and convenient manner, without compromising their safety and security,” Mike Healy, the Tigers' vice president of ballpark operations, said.Clear has biometric scanners at 30 major airports, including those in Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington.A privately held company that started in 2010, Clear also has technology that scans eyes.“Detroit is an amazing sports town with a loyal fan base,” said Caryn Seidman-Becker, Clear's CEO who also is a University of Michigan graduate. When there's more ass to fuck than you're capable to handle! I don't even play games (besides the occasional FIFA game with friends), but I really did his videos - here is his best of 2017 maybe you find a game you like there! #rofl Dunno if you know the Dunkey You Tube channel, he reviews game. No talking just the finest links: - If you're into cosplay porn! “In addition to expanding the network of venues where Clear is available, we are also working on applications for biometrics that extend beyond security to other uses inside the venue that will continue to transform the game day experience."To boost attendance at games — and in some places, blunt declines in ticket sales — sports franchises have been trying to eliminate issues that fans complain about, such as waiting in long lines to get to their seats.The Detroit Lions, for instance, begin offering Flash Seats, which eliminates paper tickets.

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To reassure customers who are concerned about privacy, the company said it does not sell or release biometric data to other groups.