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Mtv dating show room raiders

Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @benjaminsolomon.On August 1, 1981, MTV famously debuted with the music video for “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles, a none-too-subtle nod to the nascent cable network’s ambition.Bunny: I found an advertisement in a local newspaper.They were holding auditions at a local mall in Short Hills, NJ. I'm like 16, and if I don’t get picked or whatever, it will end up being a fun way to go waste time at a mall.” Swanhaus: So, we’d get these tapes of the casting scouts going to their houses and interviewing them, and I think they’d ask them to go into their bedrooms and show some favorite things, so you’d get some clues of what their bedrooms were like, or what type of personalities they might have.If you weren’t watching TRL, and all the shows, you just weren’t with it.Nichols: It was sort of a combination of a voyeuristic journey into the rooms of these 18- to 22-year-olds, and also the appeal of seeing how people decide who they want to date — In a lot of ways, it was a social experiment of sorts.Sara Nichols (showrunner): We understood what the draw for the show was going to be, and it was really two components: One, most teens are interested in dating.

The nature of the show was meant to be fun and, even in the eliminations, it was just this light, playful dating show without any real or nasty consequences.

We had to have the mix of, not only creating enough diversity with who that person (the seeker) was going to pick, but the rooms themselves were characters.

Also, they all had to live within 15 minutes of each other from a production standpoint.

Anywhere young people congregate, and where we were allowed to be.

We always had cards on hand wherever we went, in case we saw a cute girl or guy…

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