Pakistani dating girls numbers

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Pakistani dating girls numbers

They are predominantly Muslim, and have traditionally inhabited mountainous terrains, allowing them to maintain a distinct cultural identity.

Approximately 60 percent of the total Baloch population lives in Pakistan in Sindh and Southern Punjab.

The best-known Pakistani folk tales are the heroic love stories that have been immortalized by singers, storytellers and poets, and that continue to inspire modern writers and filmmakers.

Most Pakistani folktales are circulated within a particular region, but certain tales have related variants in other regions of the country or in neighboring countries.

Folktales involving reverence for Pukhtun mothers and matriarchs are common and are passed down from parent to child, as is most Pukhtun heritage, through a rich oral tradition.

Pukhtun performers remain avid participants in various physical forms of expression including dance, sword fighting, and other physical feats.

Kashmiri is rich in Persian words and has a vast number of proverbs, riddles and idiomatic sayings that are frequently employed in everyday conversation.

Folk heroes and folktales reflect the social and political history of the Kashmiri people and their quest for a society based on the principles of justice and equality.

Pakistani folklore contains elements of all of these cultures.Baloch dance, the chap, has a curious rhythm with an inertial back sway at every forward step, and Baloch music is unique in Pakistan.Most of the approximately 105,000 speakers of Kashmiri in Pakistan are immigrants from the Kashmir Valley and include only a few speakers residing in border villages in Neelum District.Pukhtun men continue to meet at chai khaanas (tea cafes) to listen and relate various oral tales of valor and history.Despite the general male dominance of Pashto oral story-telling, Pukhtun society is also marked by some matriarchal tendencies.

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are an Eastern Iranian ethno-linguistic group with populations primarily in Afghanistan and in the Northwest Frontier Province, Federally Administered Tribal Areas and Balochistan provinces of western Pakistan.

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