Parker vacumatic dating

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Parker vacumatic dating

The official website of the actual trademark holder reports the purchase of a stationery shop in Bologna and the beginning of the production of fountain pens in 1919. Unfortunately Ancora models history is highly clouded, because there are no catalogs or model listings.

The collaboration with Clerici continued until 1924, when Zanini founded his personal company, with the name Fabbrica di penne stilografiche e commercio, stampe in genere e riproduzioni opere d'arte. The Ancora initial production consisted of relatively conventional pens with the classic safety filler.

Launched by a large advertising campaign, the Da-Ma model was a good selling success, but the filling system, as it was innovative, proved to be very fragile from a mechanical point of view.

Many pens went back to the factory, where the filling system was changed to a button filler, losing the transparency of the pen body.

There also produced some alternate lever filler model in a variety of marbled, veined or rolled colors.

Z." Whitin this line, especially in the '30s, have been designed some overlay with the most refined and elegant decorations of that time.talks about the beginning of his activities in 1919, consistent with what is indicated by many others.There are also some invoces from 1941 showing the claim Casa fondata nel 1902, but this probably refers to the begininng of Zanini commercial activities, not to Ancora foundation.The Lusso was produced in four sizes, and made with transparent ringed celluloid in many different colors.The cap was decorated with tree ring, but some models were made with a gold plated or laminated cap, decorated with a top celluloid inlaid.

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Although not famous as Aurora and Omas, Ancora is one of the most important brands in the Italian fountain pen history.