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From 2005-2007 Jeff took a hiatus to tour nationally with Country acts Young Guns (Nashville, TN) and Chace Roberts (St. As an electric guitarist, Jeff toured much of North America; playing clubs and dance halls with capacity crowds.It was an exciting time in his life and was quite the adventure.The overwhelming success of this tour enabled him to expand his solo career to a national level.Jeff continued his success in 2011 with performances in Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida.His success sky rocketed in 20 with successful concerts as far away as Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Wisconsin.Concerts were also give in Texas, Ohio and all of the South East.In 1913, Luigi Rantucci came to Canada, arriving at Quebec City accompanied by his 17-year old son Emilio, both with “Railroad Lab(ourer)” listed as their intended occupation in this country.

The informant for the certificate was Luigi’s nephew, Tomasso Rantucci.

In October 1920, Rantucci returned to Canada via New York City, aboard the Giuseppe Verdi. At least half a dozen relations and acquaintances were residing there in 1920, many of whose ship passages to Canada had been paid for by the Italian government. 7, 1922, Rantucci fell off a trestle while working at Lock 7 on Section 3, sustaining a skull fracture.

He stated he was going to see his son, Emilio, who was living at 3 St. He was taken to the Construction Hospital at Homer.

While the United States reacted to this change by passing laws in 1917, 1918, 19 that made immigration more difficult, Canada was more welcoming of the newcomers.

The difference in attitude was not a product of greater Canadian benevolence, but rather pragmatic calculation: the Canadian West was still thinly populated and, some feared, vulnerable to colonization or conquest by its southern neighbour.

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In February of 2010, Jeff undertook his first cross country solo tour.