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Finally, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance has Lee Geum-ja taking the wrap for the real murderer in a high profile case.

The resulting jail term, and national notoriety, lead the lady to return to society with one goal in mind - destroy the man who destroyed her life.

As part of his brilliant dissection of all things payback, Korean director Park Chan-wook created three amazing movies - Sympathy for Mr.

Vengeance (2002), Oldboy (2003), and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005) - that, today, stand as the last word on retribution.

Even Lee Geum-ja has a Kill Bill like motivation, sparked by issues both maternal and material to her case.

That the mechanism of physical violence because the means to these particular ends turns the Vengeance Trilogy into something wholly unique and yet clearly constructed out of traditional and history.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about these three films, other that their manipulative narratives straight out of classic Hollywood screenwriting, is their notion of pointlessness.

Vengeance denouement, the corridor clash in Oldboy, or Lee Geum-ja's dreams of murder. In fact, if you boil the spirit of vengeance down into its two main components, the inherent sense of motivational entitlement (right) is almost irretrievably linked to acts or actions viewed either objectively or subjectively as unjust, unfair, or in direct conflict with another's sense of privilege (wrong). It could also stem from the right to be wrong, and of course, there's the rare instance where how you were wronged was right all along.At his core, Park appears to be a hopeless romantic, but in a more dire definition of the terms.He views everything through cynical, subversive eyes that walks a fine line between being simplistic and stylized.

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