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The Cliff House Inn also has the pie of the Arkansas Sesquicentennial, the Company’s Comin’ Pie, which is a meringue-crusted pineapple cream pie.

Hunter wasn’t feeling too well, so she poked at her vegetable place.

Spring Break is a great time to travel to a destination and enjoy experiences with your family. For me and my daughter Hunter, it’s time for a road trip.

Last week, we traveled the entire length of Scenic Highway 7, the longest state highway in Arkansas.

We briefly stopped at this monument across from the old Dogpatch USA.

This marker was placed here to commemorate the place where the Arkansas stone came from for the Washington Monument in Washington, DC.

It was constructed as a "thank you" to the Arkansas Farmers Union Green Thumb, and was built between 19.

We decided to stop for a bite to eat at the Cliff House Inn.

She also had us look up when we got to the bottom, to see the crystal dome overhead that gave the cave its name.

We found attractions along the way and share where we went.

I noticed the birds waking and getting louder over the several minutes it took for the sky to get brighter.

This place gives you a great view from the south end of what’s called the Arkansas Grand Canyon, a deep valley to the east of Scenic Arkansas Highway 7.

The lookout spot is big enough for several cars to park, and I always try to stop and take a photo here.

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