Sintinel not updating after license release

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Sintinel not updating after license release

I'd be interested in the opinion of a 2K5 connoisseur such as yourself.

I wonder if they'll have online leagues that can even come close to matching that game.

Ah, I didn't realize that the turf looked somewhat close to that now.

Cool turf, but still, the new turf probably doesn't have 3" blades on it One of those things that's overdone and it doesn't need to be.

that seems like one of the things madden really needs, since right now hits are limited by what animations they have preprogrammed into the game.

We sports gaming people take the details of our sports very seriously, EA doesn't deliver.

Apparently you weren't paying attention, they already did..NFL 2k5 was causing a serious threat to the cash cow... EA knew that NFL2k6 would be surpassing their franchise for the first time because it was a superior product that everyone was flocking too it.

Football fans deserve better than this tripe you produce year in and year out. I'm willing to bet a lot of those textures are placeholders.

They're pretty low-res, and frankly the game didn't look that bad last year.

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Since now there is no compitition since the rights to major titles have been bought out by various publishers it'll all be downhill. Originally posted by Guybo: All sports franchises are going to go the way of Madden.

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