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Sirius radio updating channels

While I did get my radios and first year of service for free due to being a Best Buy employee (at that time), I would have bought a satellite radio due to the long road trips that I take, and the lack of decent radio in many areas of the US.Having both radios made it easy to compare the offerings of each company.Sirius has about 12 channels that have absolutely no commercials or messages, about 40 more that have very little messages, and the remainder have commercials and public service announcements like any other FM station or TV channel.The commercials on XM are generally well done, and usually not very obnoxious.Click on the "Print Page" icon on the top right of the screen.There are two stages to this update, the 'Application Software' update and the 'Baseband Firmware' update.

If you want a radio for driving around town, XM is the better choice.

Both services now offer most of the same types of programming and the same types of sports.

Rather then attempt to keep up to date with the programming on each, I have chosen to point out the key areas where they differ, and let you (the reader) do the research on specific items that are most important to you.

People tell me that XM is spotty in the Pacific northwest such as Washington and Oregon. I have gotten solid coverage in downtown Minneapolis, even in the highway tunnels and under long bridges.

Sirius, on the other hand, blanks out any time you pass under any bridge, or drive next to a building.

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XM uses geosynchronous orbit satellites, which are low to the ground in North America, and you do get ground blockages. This is due to XM having ground stations in most major urban areas.

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