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Slow dating exeter

The idea of speed-dating isn’t new for language teachers – often used to prepare students for speaking exams – and using this idea to lead a whole-staff training session after a long day at school, seemed a brilliant opportunity!Organised by Slow Dating, a specialist Speed Dating agency, this regular event gives singles aged between 37 and 49 the opportunity to socialise in Bar So’s welcoming environment within the Royal Exeter Hotel in central Bournemouth.The first impression counts: stay true to yourself when choosing your outfit.Although you will be nervous, try to stay calm, look your partners into his/her eyes and smile.During World War 2 Castle Cary was considered by the military to be a strategic railway junction serving the large naval base at Weymouth, however fast-forward to the present day, and Castle Cary station has come under siege in a quite different way.

The line passes through attractive Somerset countryside and the stations of Alford Halt 117½ miles, Keinton Mandeville 120 miles, Charlton Mackrell 122 miles, So5¾, miles, Long Sutton & Pitney 128 miles and finally Langport East 130 miles.

This was remedied in 1932 by yet another cut-off line, just 3 miles long, involving the construction of a flyover that carried the down Bristol track across both the up and down Paddington lines.

Beyond Cogload the line was quadrupled for almost six miles and included the installation of water troughs serving all four tracks just before reaching Creech St. Five miles from Cogload we eventually arrive at Taunton (143 miles from Paddington) a major station dating from July 1842, where most of the through trains from the Midlands and Paddington changed engines and crew.

During its construction in 1906, the most notable engineering features were the high viaduct across the River Cary and the 1,053 yard-long Somerton Tunnel.

The original level junction at Cogload was where the lines from Bristol and Castle Carey converged, therefore careful control was required to avoid the conflicting movement of up trains to Paddington from Taunton, and down trains from Bristol.

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Photo Joe Moss collection, distributed by Roger Carpenter.