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Ruby threw herself onto Sapphire to keep her safe and they spontaneously fused into a cotton candy-colored giant Gem.

“Something Entirely New,” the enchanting song Ruby and Sapphire sang as they danced together to fuse on purpose for the first time, made us fall in love right alongside them.

Here are six ways this already very queer show out-gayed itself. Sapphire planned to sacrifice herself to help stop the rebellion on earth, and Ruby, who had bumped into her and touched her for the first time moments earlier, refused to let that happen.

Especially when we’re still developing, and especially when we are still discovering and exploring our genders and sexuality, it’s important for us to know that we’re not alone and that we have the possibility of a bright future.It was like all of the love inside of Ruby burst into happy flames, a charmingly corny rom-com moment. Seriously, Cotton Candy Garnet (a name given to Garnet’s first fusion form because of her cotton candy-colored hair) is arguably the most adorably confused fusion look of them all. Right out of Two Face’s aesthetic, her form accurately depicts how disjointed the pair of gems must have been when they first fused. There were so many sugary-sweet moments in the first episode of the #Steven Bomb!; it almost felt like showrunner Rebecca Sugar added a subliminal lesbian melody, sorta like Pied Piper’s tune, to lure us in and keep us blushing.

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