We are dating ratings Sa black single ladies

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We are dating ratings

While only two states in America can pull together revenge porn laws, in Brazil, one man successfully sued Lulu, and the app was subsequently blocked in the country.

No one thinks a laundromat gets a bad rating because the reviewer has an ax to grind after the laundromat never called her back or was really selfish in bed.The second most popular app for straight people, Mingle, uses video profiles, so it’s easy to draw a conclusion there.Mingle is free as well, and it adds a group chat function — remember AIM singles chatrooms? Mingle takes a chatroom, adds in Chatroulette, and puts the whole thing on your phone. A few other good options are Jaumo, Moko or Skout than Tinder.In this, they’re bowing to the pressure of anonymous female commentators.But no one would ever tell a victim of revenge porn to “get feedback from” those who comment on her video—so why should we expect men to follow advice that is often just a mask for maliciousness?

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Men, unsurprisingly, tend to resent Lulu, and often hypocritically so, considering the ample revenge porn sites and other online groups devoted to objectifying and shaming former girlfriends via social media.