Writing online dating profile pua

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Writing online dating profile pua

Does a socially desirable job make one higher status?I’ve known plenty of lawyers, doctors, actors, musicians and DJs who have all had miserable dating lives.Of course, this is easily disprovable; a quick trip to your local Wal-Mart will find plenty of folks in happy relationships despite their distinct lack of Hermes, Bugatti or Swiss bank accounts.In my own life I’ve known many men of privilege – ranging from “comfortably well-to-do” to “richer than God” – who had the same troubles with women that I did.

Similarly, many of the canned routines from PUA culture – especially classics like the C’s vs.

The problem is that You can baffle people with your bullshit for only so long before they start to notice the cracks in the facade; you may be talking about your model ex-girlfriend but women will start noticing that you can’t look them in the eye for very long, that your body language starts to change as soon as you’re distracted and that you’re more nervous around them then someone of your supposed status would be.

Moreover, women are to guys embellishing themselves in order to look better and are quite good at spotting incongruities.

So after all of that talk of what status , not the person.

Same with power – power without actual value attracts users and manipulators who want that power for themselves.

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Value is inherent; if you don’t have it, you’re going to give yourself away in hundreds of little tells and no amount of “magic bullets” or verbal trickery is going to make up for that lack.