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Po zajęciu Coruscant – serca Nowej Republiki – wydaje się, że nic już nie powstrzyma Yuuzhan Vongów. Jacen Solo żyje, choć pozostaje jeńcem tajemniczej i okrutnej istoty, która włada Mocą – zupełnie inną niż ta, którą zna młody Jedi. Not even his twin sister feels him within the Force.

After living through the Embrace of Pain, Jacen must find a way to regain himself and also mature into the person he has to be in order to survive.

If you want the whole story read the other books before it starting with Vector Prime.

Read and you will love even if your not a major Star Wars nerd.

Don't get me wrong I love epic battles and lightsaber snap-hissing but I have been waiting ages for someone to sit down and delve head first into the mystical power that surrounds everything.

Adding in a compelling storyline with Jacen and his teacher/tormentor, Vergere, Stover produces an incredible tale.

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Matthew Stover’s novel, “Traitor” is the thirteenth book in the NJO. As the novel progresses, Jacen learns more about Vergere, who may have been, at one point, a Jedi Knight, and alludes to the fact that she once knew Jacen’s grandfather, Anakin Skywalker, long before he became the Sith Lord known as Darth Vader.